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Knee pain is one of the commonest problems that many people face in their day to day lives. Indeed, over 4 million people over 60 years of age and over 6 million people across all age groups need help for knee pain and disorders.

Factors such as aspiration for a longer and more active life, increasing life expectancy and injuries are leading to an increased incidence of hospital visits due to knee pain.

While a variety of options are available today both in traditional and alternative medicine for management of knee pain, most of these options are incomplete and sub-optimal. Patients move from hospital to hospital and from doctor to doctor in search of pain relief often without desired results. The need for a comprehensive centre for managing knee disorders was therefore obvious and was also articulated by many patients.

Therefore we at Apollo Hospital decided to create a comprehensive solution for knee pain integrating the different elements of managing a knee disorder.

Starting from prevention through early diagnosis, medical intervention, and surgical intervention to rehabilitation, the Apollo Knee Clinic aims to offer a complete program for people suffering from knee disorders due to causes ranging from arthritis, age, sports injuries and obesity.


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