The Pathology Department at Cosmos is NABL accredited clinical laboratory Well-Equipped to carry out the latest test on patients sample and assist clinicians in evaluation and diagnosis of diseases.

Aided by state of the art fully automated instruments & highly skilled HPC registered biomedical scientists under constant supervision of consultant pathologist with a high quality assurance. Cosmos Pathology provides near-perfect pathology services to all patients.

The Pathology Department provides a range of services including :

  • Biochem, Immunoassay & Hormonal assay, Hematology & Clinical Pathology, Molecular & Genetics, Histopathology & Cytology, Microbiology services.
  • Along with all routine tests with highly specialized test like ANA(IF), ANA Blott, NT- Pro BNP, PCT. Factor VIII Assay, six part differential count, etc are performed.
  • Services are available for indoor as well as outdoor patients.
  • Facilities for home visit available round the clock for 24×7.

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