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Nitin Verma

Remarks : "I would like to express my profound appreciation to your hospital for your timely treatment and care of one of my uncle who had serious traffic accident. Thanks to all your staff.."

Suresh Pathak

Remarks : "Early in October 2012, I collapsed for no reason. The ambulance arrived within 5 minutes of my wife calling the emergency number, and the paramedics gave me quite a thorough check-up in the ambulance, before advising me to contact me doctor. Accept my sincere thanks for your support."

Ruchi Sharma

Remarks : "I have been very lucky, I was surrounded by the best medical team at Cosmos Hospital, they are clearly the best in the business, with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities."

Rakesh Dhall

Remarks : "I am eternally thankful to Dr Anurag and his team at Cosmos for performing my knee-replacement surgery. I am amazed no one else gave me such an expert advice. Well.. i'm on my way to heeling (and running again!)"

Manish Pandey

Remarks : "My dad had a heartattack and the hospital managed well. Our doctor was very supportive. Nursing staff was also cooperative. Many thanx!"


Remarks : "Very well organised camp. Excellent hospitality. All the best to cosmos in the nere future."