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Accreditation / Association

Accreditation / Association

Ensuring quality is a critical component of high-performing health systems. Having access to health care is not enough: patients who enter the health care system—whether a clinic, a hospital, or another venue—need to be confident that they will receive care that is safe, effective, and consistent with the latest clinical evidence. This is particularly important for hospitals, where patients are acutely and often severely ill, but all the data suggest that the quality of care is far from optimal. There are large variations in complications and mortality rates across hospitals.

The concerns about level and variations in hospital quality are not new. We have known for decades that hospitals differ in their ability to provide high-quality care for patients—and our national strategy for ensuring and improving care has been accreditation. The notion is simple: using an external, independent body that applies objective criteria to ensure that hospitals are implementing evidence-based practices to maximize patient outcomes. Although the logic may be sound, it has not been clear whether this approach works.

Despite a national strategy in which our government, through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) essentially pushes most hospitals to get accredited, patient outcomes often lag. A 2017 news story in the Wall Street Journal reported that hospitals accredited with gold stars are struggling to ensure even basics around safety and quality. The newspaper reported that 350 hospitals cited in inspection reports in 2014 as being in violation of Medicare requirements had accreditation from The Joint Commission at the time, and that more than a third with accreditation had additional violations later in 2014, 2015, and 2016. There appears to be a disconnect between what accreditation is meant to do vs what it might be doing.


The Cosmos Hospital is NABH accredited located in Moradabad. With a leading-edge hospital and a strong network of physicians, Cosmos Hospital upholds a longstanding tradition of bringing advanced medicine and personal care to the people it serves. Cosmos Hospital is committed to building on the core principles of quality, safety and clinical excellence with the promise of bringing quality healthcare at cost-effective prices for people of India. Here at Cosmos, we make every effort to ensure that the healthcare system and those working within it are devoted to working ethics and patient’s interest.

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