Prem Nagar, Kanth Road, Moradabad - 244001 (U.P.)



Cosmos Microbiology is one of its kind offering an overall microbiology workup from basic stains and basic cultures to specialized stains including fluorescence stain and fastidious cultures with automated systems. The microbiology department offers drug sensitivity with an automated system and MIC values.

A total TB workup from AFB stain, GeneXpert, NAAT testing, MGIT culture with Drug susceptibility on MGIT and LPA for MDR, XDR & Speciation of NTM/MOTT. Cosmos microbiology also offers the Latest Technology of ‘MALDI-TOF’ which can identify microorganism in 20 minutes.

Cosmos Microbiology also offers state-of-the-art molecular microbiology with the high end fully automated gene sequencer.

The Department is well equipped for conducting clinical trials and research projects for all consultants.

Experienced Microbiologists are available for regular patient interactions. With services available round the clock, Cosmos microbiology stands strong to support the clinician.

Dr. Rashmi Kumari

M.Sc. Microbiology - Microbiologist